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Plant Profile: Egyptian Walking Onions

egyptian onion

The Baroque twisty-ness of the Walking Onion.

Do these onions really walk like an Egyptian? Read on. This unique, heirloom perennial onion plant (Allium proliferum) serves both an ornamental and edible garden function. Once you have Egyptian walking onions in your garden, you’ll never again have a “we’re out of onions” moment. Your onion supply will be there, faithfully waiting. Yes, the onion bulbs, or bulblets, that grow on the top of its stalk are small, like teeny shallots. Still, they make a great addition to any recipe when you need onions and are out of the big round ones.

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Yes, You Can Grow Figs in a Cold Climate


Steven Biggs is the man to talk to about figs. He is growing over twenty-five varieties of figs in pots in his back yard in Toronto. I spent some time talking to him recently about how he handles growing this normally warm climate plant. He’s just written a book on his fig growing secrets this year, How To Grow Figs Where You Think You Can’t that is chock-full of technical growing info to help any gardener that wants to grow their own figs. I’m told a fresh fig right off the tree tastes like nothing else.

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Do The “Chop & Drop”

Here’s a video with an excellent introduction to Permaculture. It demonstrates how to create an edible forest garden out of your front lawn instead of a mono-culture of grass.No compost piles are necessary. Everything gets mulched right where it grows. A fascinating way to create the most sustainable front yard ever.