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Making Every Day Earth Day

Sunday April 22nd was Earth Day. One day out of the year when we try to do something nice for Mother earth doesn’t seem like too much. For those of us that weren’t aware of earth day, or not sure of how to observe or celebrate it, here is one way that you can get that Earth Day feeling every day. Continue »

Health Benefits of Eating Local

A guest post by Nan Gibbons

Gibbons is a licensed nutritionist and personal trainer who owns her own business in San Diego, California. She divides her time between training with clients and taking care of her three year old son, Reid – both great ways as well as reasons to stay in shape! Find her on Twitter: @healthnut2011 or read her contributions to





I recently read Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future by Bill McKibben; the author spoke at my college during my senior year, but it took me until now to read his “hopeful manifesto.”  In the second chapter of his book, he outlines an experiment he conducted, in which he only ate locally-grown food for a year.  During this year, he chronicles stocking up at his local farmer’s market, finding local farmers and CSA (community-supported agriculture) farms, and his yearning for oats (until he cheated by crossing the Vermont-Canadian border and buying some at a Canadian farm).

All of this got me thinking about my own diet, and that of my son.  I am in-between health insurance plans at the moment, which makes being health-conscious extremely important.  Continue »