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Veg Food Fest is Right Around the Corner!


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Mark your calendars, people. Veg Food Fest, North America’s biggest vegetarian food festival is right around the corner and you don’t want to miss it.  Continue »

The Best Plant-Based BLT You’ve Ever Had




How are your Meatless Mondays going? For many, who would rather eschew meat than chew it, avoiding raiding the animal kingdom for a snack is no problem. But for those that are trying out veganism or vegetarianism, giving up some of their favourites can be a real struggle. Take the classic BLT for example. Today we look at a vegan reboot of this iconic sandwich that is just as delicious as the real thing. Continue »

Nutritional Yeast: Not Just Another Pretty Face



Okay, let’s face it, nutritional yeast is not much to look at. Maybe Shreck would use it to garnish his gruel, but other than that, nutritional yeast is one of those ingredients that is destined to be esteemed for its health benefits not its visual appeal. Continue »

Baby Steps

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Well the new year is finally upon us, and many of us are still reeling from the past couple weeks of gastronomic excess, and are resolute in our endeavours to get back on track. The list of resolutions may look familiar; after all, New Year’s Day is its own version of Groundhog Day. Haven’t we made these promises before? Most of us accept the idea that getting on the road to good health is one way to lead a happier, more productive life, but we have been on this road before, and have taken short-cuts and detours and have subsequently lost our way to the gym, to yoga, we have strayed from the path to the produce section, bypassing the kale and quinoa only to find ourselves in a drive-thru with a double double rocking the cup holder and a Big Mac wrapper hanging from the emergency break. It happens. Continue »

Calling All Vegetable Lovers!



Veg-heads of Toronto unite! This weekend, Friday Sept 11 to Sunday Sept 13th  marks the 31st year that Toronto honours and celebrates all persons places and things vegetarian with it’s annual Veg Food Fest!

Billed as a “food festival first” featuring veg*n hot dogs, juicy burgers and “fluffy cupcakes smothered in frosting” this Veg Fest, one of North America’s best, is much more than just a gourmand’s delight. Upwards of 85 vendors will be on site, showcasing wares and sharing ideas that will make vegan and vegetarian cooking more accessible and user friendly than ever. Sample delectable victuals from gluten-free, dairy free and Raw Food chefs and veg*n treats to keep you fueled for the entirety of your visit  as you check out all natural markets, or discuss animal welfare with the good folks from Toronto Pig SaveAnimal Justice Canada, or Mercy For Animals.

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