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Chow down on Chowder




Soups and stews are two of our favourite ways to make a one pot meal; the protein, vegetables, fats and carbohydrates all cook together in one pot, melding complimenting flavours and textures and pretty much resulting in a complete, delicious and healthy meal. And at the heart of a good soup or stew is the stock, be it meat, fish or vegetable; a good stock is full of nutients and provides the base for your one-pot meal. When it comes to making a stock for a chowder or fish soup, we like to keep it simple; whenever we have a feed of lobster we freeze the shells, heads and tails and antennae, and when we have shrimp we peel the shell and freeze them along with the heads. When we have enough, in it all goes into the stock pot along with the usual mirepoix, resulting in a flavourful stock perfect for the next batch of fish soup or chowder.

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Winter Spuds



For potato fanatics, there is nothing as exciting as the first new potatoes of the season, and in Ontario, that is still a few months away, with the first locally grown spuds usually available to us in late June or July. Until then, we have access to spuds grown in warmer climes, and many of us are content to use up last year’s batch. Storing these spuds properly is one of the keys to ensuring that your spuds are tasty all winter.

Stored properly in a cool, dark cellar at a temperature between 7-10 degrees C they will last for months. You also want to store them in a relatively humid environment; potatoes are 80% water, so when they are stored in very dry or warm conditions they will shrink and sprout as the water in them evaporates.
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Things That Go Rumbledethump in the Night



In honour of Robbie Burns Day here is a favourite Scottish recipe to warm you straight to your chilly bones.

Rumbledethumps (pronounced rumble-dee-thumps), the traditional potato and cabbage dish from the Scottish Borders is a smart and delicious way to use up leftover mashed potatoes and cabbage, but it is so good that you will probably want to make it from scratch.

Similar to Irish colcannon, this one pot meal can be served as an accompaniment to a main course, like a ham or roast pork, and stands up on it’s own as a full meal too, maybe served with a fresh green salad.

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Thinking About Dinner?

Rodin's The Thinker sculpture in the vegetable garden

Hmm, sauteed spinach with a side of kale?

French sculptor Rodin, like his countrymen, most likely loved his food fresh from the garden. This little copy of Rodin’s The Thinker is plunked down in a vegetable garden, at a house with an almost completely edible front yard garden. This new growing trend takes edibles out of the back yard and puts them out front for all to see. And when edible plants are as pretty as these leafy greens, why not? At this sustainably built house, grape vines are trained up a porch, artichokes grow next to roses, berry bushes and strawberries scramble over the edging. The Thinker ponders while spinach, kale and potatoes grow all around him. It’s a little easier to imagine what’s for dinner when dinner is growing three feet away.