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Get Pickled: A Free Fermentation Class


David Zilber is a Torontonian who left the nest and flew to Copenhagen. There he began working for René Redzepi, considered the greatest chef on earth by many, and wrote a book with him. The Noma Guide to Fermentation is a bible of preserving and occupies a rarified place on the cookbook shelf, right beside The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz.

Now Katz and Zilber are coming together to do a free class on their favourite subject. Continue »

Time to Harvest Your Mint

DSC00993   If you haven’t harvested the mint that has been growing like gangbusters all summer, now is a good time to do it; once the temperature dips towards zero it will be too late, and it seems like a bit of  a waste to let the bounty of this perennial herb go to waste. Even if you have been harvesting leaves all summer, chances are there’s still a lot of foliage left for you to collect and process into jellies, sauces and pestos that you can have in your larder or freezer all winter. Continue »

Preserves Swap



One of the best things about making preserves is not only getting to enjoy them throughout the winter but also getting to trade with other preservers to round out your pantry. Maybe you only put down fruit preserves this year and have an overwhelming amount of jams and jellies- a preserves swap is a great way to trade some of that sweet surplus for savoury sauces or piquant pickles. Continue »

Video: If You Give a Chef a Peach

Alexandra Feswick is the Executive Chef of the Samuel J.Moore in the Great Hall. We asked her what is happening in her kitchen as we sail through August and get ready for fall. She shared an unconventional, but incredibly delicious sounding, recipe for peaches with us. Grab some peaches and try it at home this long weekend.


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, 2011

The Winter Fair is back in Toronto until this Sunday, make sure you head out to enjoy all that it has to offer. From horse jumping to butter sculpting, the petting zoo, bison burgers, award winning leeks and more!