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Chow down on Chowder




Soups and stews are two of our favourite ways to make a one pot meal; the protein, vegetables, fats and carbohydrates all cook together in one pot, melding complimenting flavours and textures and pretty much resulting in a complete, delicious and healthy meal. And at the heart of a good soup or stew is the stock, be it meat, fish or vegetable; a good stock is full of nutients and provides the base for your one-pot meal. When it comes to making a stock for a chowder or fish soup, we like to keep it simple; whenever we have a feed of lobster we freeze the shells, heads and tails and antennae, and when we have shrimp we peel the shell and freeze them along with the heads. When we have enough, in it all goes into the stock pot along with the usual mirepoix, resulting in a flavourful stock perfect for the next batch of fish soup or chowder.

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Woodsy, Wonderful Watercress


photo courtesy of Ilona Daniel

photo courtesy of Ilona Daniel


Foraging judiciously for delicious edible plants in the wilds is a great way to get in touch with nature and add a little environmentally friendly wow factor to your dinner table. Every spring, it seems, people traipse through woodlands on a culinary quest for fiddleheads, ramps and dandelion greens, and summer lures into the forests and fields for morels and other wild mushrooms, and raspberries, wild blueberries, serviceberries and, if you live in Newfoundland, bakeapples. And, if you are lucky you can add another item to nature’s shopping cart the next time you’re foraging in the woods near a cold stream; watercress.

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2011 Canadian Oyster Shucking Championships

Every year Prince Edward Island sees oyster shuckers from all over Canada convene to shuck their hearts out for a chance at the championship title. For the last five years, Eamon Clark has been the one to beat. This year was the first time in history that a shuck-off had to be called to determine the winner. Here’s the official report from Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island from Eamon’s father, Rodney Clark of Rodney’s Oyster House.

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East Coast Mussel Boil

We started off the week talking about how great mussels are, we think they’re the perfect summer food. We’re going to stop talking about it now and let this video, taken at the 86’d Mussel Boil on Monday in the Drake Hotel’s Secret Garden, do the talking for us:


Mussels – The Perfect Summer Food

Mussels are perfect. They are easy to cook and eat, they taste great with a million different flavour combinations, they only take a few measly minutes to prepare and they’re inexpensive. They’re a sustainable shellfish that’s Ocean Wise approved and an excellent source of selenium, B12, zinc and folate. When you think about it, it’s surprising we don’t eat mussels more often. Lobster, crab, shrimp and even clams get more play on our restaurants and our home kitchens it seems.

Tonight is your chance to try some premium PEI mussels prepared by the chefs at the Drake Hotel, for free! That’s right an East Coast Party & Mussel Boil will take place in the Drake’s Secret Garden at 7:30 pm tonight as part of 86’d Mondays. It’s free and open to everyone. Just ask at the front desk for directions to the Secret Garden. Continue »