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Cipaille, A French Canadian Classic



If it is your turn to host the gang for the Super Bowl party, or any similar gathering, preparing dinner for a large crowd can be a daunting task; you have to come up with a menu that you’re pretty sure everyone will like, something that is delicious and familiar but not old hat or boring. Sometimes it’s exciting to serve something new, something that your guests have never had before. And when it comes to hosting, spending time with your guests is the main idea, you don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen fussing over cheese soufflé or worrying about whose steak is medium rare and whose is medium well. Maybe next time you have a crowd over for supper, why not put a distinctively Canadian spin on it and serve them Cipaille? Continue »

Video: A Few Minutes with Chef Hans

We sat down with Momofuku Noodle Bar’s Executive Sous Chef, Hans Vogels, recently. We asked him what ingredient was most important to his kitchen and what he’s cooking with in anticipation of colder weather.


Grand Maman Claire


Kristina Groeger is a food writer and photographer when she’s not working in the pastry department at the Ritz-Carlton. She’s prolific on Twitter and Posterous and maintains a funny food blog called Put a Fork In It. We’re running this piece she wrote, about her boyfriend’s French-Canadian grandmother, in the lead up Mother’s Day and the launch of the newest Apron Strings videos. Enjoy.

painting of Grand Maman Claire by the author




by Kristina Groeger

On a raw, chapped, Canadian Wednesday morning we gather our things in the dark for a three day trip to Montreal from Toronto via our 15 year old Volkswagen Jetta.  I use the orange light of the street because I’m sure my pupils would burst with the thought turning on a light switch.  Half asleep dreams of proper beer on winter patios (cheering for a -real- hockey team) kept me going before I got that first crappy burnt Tim’s coffee in me. Continue »

Sandwich of the Month – Baked Cheese & Roasted Peppers

Every month we create a new and exciting sandwich with ingredients we find in the store, like the February’s Sausage Ciabatta or October’s Tofurkey & Avocado. This month our sandwich inspiration started with an incredible cheese from the cheese counter, Le Fou du Roy. This is an organic farmstead cheese from Sainte-Sophie Quebec, semi-soft with a washed rind and a nutty flavour, it went perfectly with roasted peppers from our deli bar. Continue »