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The Humble Radish

Martha Stewart's radishes with chive butter

Martha Stewart’s radishes with chive butter


Continuing on our series of summer fruit and vegetables we present the humble radish; with local grown varieties just coming into season now, the brilliant radish is fresh, crisp and bursting with a bright and lively balance of peppery and sweet.

Radishes (raphanus sativus) are siblings in the brassicaceae family, known as “the mustards.” They are thought to have originated in South East Asia and India, and introduced to Europe in the third century B.C., with records of their cultivation occurring in Greece and Italy in the first century A.D. Radishes made their way to North America during what is known as the Columbian Exhange,
the period in the fifteenth century when European fruits, vegetables and livestock were introduced to the New World and vice versa. Continue »