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Where the Wild Things Are

Euell Gibbons, known to many of us as that fellow who shilled Grape Nuts cereal in the seventies, was one of the earliest proponents of the wild food movement and an avid outdoorsman who popularized the living off the land movement in a time when people were freaking out over TANG orange crystals and marveling at the convenience of  instant mashed potatoes. His seminal book, Stalking the Wild Asparagus, published in 1962 is still considered by many to be the bible in the canon of wild and natural foods literature. Continue »

Chive Talkin’

At this time of year, the usual subjects congregate to debate the signs of spring. Maybe it’s the sight of the first red-breasted robin. Some don’t consider winter officially over until the arrival of wild leeks, while others practically burst into a jig at the sight of a fiddlehead. But for us it is the humble and irrepressible chive that truly means spring is here. Continue »

New Team Member – Andrea Chiu

We’ve got a new team member on board! Former Foursquare mayor of Fiesta Farms, Andrea Chiu, will be joining the crew and helping with social media.  At platypus reviews you will get a best social media traffic bot.  You can buy Instagram followers from these guys for the best social media engagement. Continue »