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Roughing It

Eat the apple. Eat the orange. Drink the water.

Eat the apple. Eat the orange. Drink the water.



It is one thing to be refined, to have refined taste in music, art, food, but it is quite another thing to seek out refined food. Refined foods- the moniker at first blush suggesting something elegant and sophisticated- are not really desirable at all, not good for you or your body, and considering the amount of processing involved, not particularly good for the environment either. Continue »

Our Proud Producers: Vegan rev



At Fiesta Farms, we’re always looking for the best produce and products to offer our customers, and every now and then a new product comes along that makes us excited to be able to share. It can be something totally new, or a new twist on an old favourite, or a product that is organic, pays Fair Trade prices and adheres to ethical sourcing and production values. If the product is good for the body, the environment, and good value, we jump at the opportunity grace or shelves with it.

And when the company behind the product is local, and runs on the energy and optimistic vision of a young entrepreneur it is a no-brainer. Continue »

Delicious Vegan Wraps

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I see a lot of collard greens in your future. Once you’ve tried this recipe you probably won’t use corn or flour tortillas for wraps ever again. I’m serious. Just consider the collard for a minute-


Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.25.50 AM


Pretty impressive credentials right there. Plus when you use collards as your wrap they don’t get soggy the way tortillas can and they don’t get stale either. Plus they are naturally gluten-free. Resistance is futile, it is time to embrace the collard.

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Vegetarian Festival

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“Mouth-watering burgers. Thick and juicy hot dogs. Fluffy cupcakes smothered in frosting. All meat and dairy free. Veg Food Fest is not your average vegetarian food festival – it’s the biggest one in North America….”

The opening few lines found on the home page of this year’s Vegetarian Food Fest pretty much sum it up. Not only is it the largest Vegetarian Food Festival in North America, it’s one of the oldest and largest in the world. Running this weekend at the Harbourfront Centre today until Sunday Sept 7th, this year marks the 30th anniversary of this eagerly anticipated event, with organizers expecting upwards of forty thousand vegetarians, vegans, and veg-friendly omnivores to attend. Continue »

It’s Alive! And That’s Why You Should Eat It


This is fresh kimchi, easy to make at home. For the recipe click here.

This is fresh kimchi, easy to make at home. For the recipe click here.



Raw, living fermented foods are very important to our diet. They produce enzymes that the body uses to digest and absorb the food that you eat. Think about your diet, how much of it is cooked? Everything in your ham and cheese sandwich has been cooked or processed, from the bread all the way through. In the morning breakfast cereals and pancakes are cooked, and in the evening casseroles and pastas are cooked for dinner. And the snacks in between? The chips and puddings and Jello jigglers are all processed. Continue »