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Let’s Talk About Lettuce

Lettuce in an organic farm (HK)

Been paying attention to the news? Lettuce is a hot topic of late. No, it’s not a new fad diet (though we could talk about the health benefits of eating leafy greens until the cows come home).

Lettuce has been on the product recall list across Canada and the United States for some weeks now. The culprit? E. coli. A nasty little bacteria that can end up in our food system through a bit of bad luck and improper handling. Eating food contaminated with E. coli can have immediate results. Just not the healthy kind.

Here’s a primer that should help you take precautions and enjoy your healthy lettuce eating. Continue »

Lettuce Rejoice



We love our lettuce. Crunchy Iceberg, tender Boston, Bibb, flashy red leaf lettuce-perfect for lettuce wraps-and good old stout Romaine, we all have our favourites and they all occupy a special place in our hearts and in our crispers, our salads, soups, wraps and sandwiches. Can you imagine a BLT without the lettuce? Well, in addition to requiring a name change for that sandwich it would be just wrong. A few leaves of crisp, fresh, hydrating lettuce is de rigeur in most sandwiches and burgers, offering a satisfying and refreshing crunch to counter the soft bread or bun, as well as adding the benefits of at least a little green vegetable goodness as you wolf down another hamburger. Continue »