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When a Potato Steals Your Heart

new potatoes

new potatoes

Growing up in Prince Edward Island made me a potatophile from day one.

I made mashed potatoes for my after-school snack, eaten while watching “The Facts of Life”.

I dated a guy in high school based solely on the fact that he worked in a dairy and could be counted on to show up at my door with a tub of sour cream, our family’s favourite condiment, every time he came to take me to the movies.

Walking through my mother’s herb garden past normal-sized patches of thyme, rosemary and chervil, you’d be ill-prepared for the sudden “Day of the Triffids” moment when you came to the end where the dill and chives grew. The dill and chives were a garden unto themselves, a massive planting that got attacked with scissors every day until the snow flew. Continue »