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Have You Ever Had a Torta?

I’ve just discovered tortas and I’m in love! Ines Rosales Tortas are a new addition to the world of flatbreads, crostini & crackers. Tortas are large enough to be broken into several little pieces and dipped into spreads, and strong enough to handle pates and cheeses.

A torta is basically a large tortilla, or rather, a tortilla literally means “small torta.” Round and flat, they differ from bread in that there is no yeast involved in their preparation.

Because they contain a hefty amount of extra virgin olive oil they don’t get stale and have no problem maintaining a gorgeous crunch and mouthfeel. Continue »

Wild Boar Recipes

they won’t win any beauty pageants but they sure cook up nice

As you know from the video we posted yesterday of my interview with Perth farmers, wild boar are actually wild critters. The farmers who raise them put up fences but they don’t actively farm them. The boars are left to their own devices pretty much all their lives and can forage and dig for as many roots, nuts and berries as they please. Thus the meat of the animal is markedly tastier than regular pork and can be prepared in the same ways you do cuts of pork. Here are a few great recipes I like to use when cooking with wild boar meat. Continue »

Candy for Grownups

This is the one time of year when grownups are allowed to indulge in a love for candy. The candy at Halloween, Easter and Christmas is for kids, but on Valentine’s Day it’s for adults.

This is the time of year when it is acceptable to sit on the couch grazing through a giant heart-shaped box full of chocolate covered cherries while crying over a chick flick. Continue »