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Sukkot Starts Tonight

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Standard Breading is Golden Perfection




There’s something about those words, “Crunchy coating” or even better, “Cooked to a golden perfection.” Not many food nutritionists would advocate eating fried or deep-fried foods every day, but every now and then it’s a delicious and almost irresistible indulgence. The trick is to do it right, and one of the best, tried and true methods to ensure a beautiful result is to master the basic culinary skill of standard breading Continue »

How One Chicken Breast Can Feed A Family Of Four

photo courtesy of Chatelaine

photo courtesy of Chatelaine


Has this ever happened to you: you have guests drop in unexpected for dinner and all you have is one lousy chicken breast in the fridge. Or one pork chop. Or maybe one of each. No need to panic. Here is a great idea that is right up there with the miracle of the fishes and the loaves. Schnitzel. What a great way to stretch that single chicken breast into a dinner for four.

It sounds impossible doesn’t it?  One chicken breast feeding four people, especially when we’re used to one breast per person as a reasonable portion. Continue »