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Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Nadege macaron


TomorrowMarch 17, is Saint Paddy’s day. So for those of us who missed the brutish fun of the Ides of March, we needn’t sulk, there is a lot of  revelry to be had on this day. Although it has been an official Christian Feast Day since the sixteen hundreds, March 17 has, like a pop/country song, crossed over; it is now one of the more raucous of celebrations in the spring calendar, celebrated annually all over the world.

One of the reasons it has grabbed our attention is because March 17 falls pretty much in the middle of Lent for Catholics, the six week period of abstinence that precedes Easter. On Saint Paddy’s day, the Church lifts its prohibition of alcohol, the one day in Lent when you can drink and party. So it’s no wonder that this feast day caught on, for Irish, for Catholics, and for those of us that sat next to them in class and studied their ways. Continue »