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Monday is Family Day



Is it just a coincidence-or is it fitting- that Family Day immediately follows Valentine’s Day? This Monday, February 15th is Family Day in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, a holiday that was originally created so families could spend time with each other, but also because, let’s face it, we need a break in this bleak month; the last holiday was New Years Day and the next one doesn’t happen until Good Friday. That just won’t do. Continue »

Family Day Survival Guide

A lot of stores will be closed for Family Day tomorrow, including ours, so we thought we’d put up a post today to give you some ideas for how to finish up your long weekend. This way you can stock up on what you need today and have a fun, stress-free day tomorrow.  Continue »

Hot Stuff!

Hot chocolate is to skating rinks what hot dogs are to ball parks, and with the plethora of outdoor rinks in this city, toting your own thermos along for the slide seems a no-brainer. Sitting on a wooden bench, warming up with a mug of cocoa after an hour or so on an outdoor park rink is an iconic Canadian image. Many rinks sell hot chocolate, but a lot of what is served out there is instant, which is about as close to the real thing as instant coffee is to fresh brewed. Continue »