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We Are What We Eat – Magnesium

Popeye-Spinach   We all know that we are what we eat, that our bodies are made of elements that are required to build and maintain this mortal coil; 99% of our bodies are composed of just six elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium, (made memorable by the acronym CHONPC). Five other elements, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium make up the remaining 1%. Yet all of these elements are our clay, and all are essential for life. Miss out on a few of these and suffer the consequences. And there are other trace elements found in our bodies too, some of which are essential in their given role, like fluorine, which seems to only harden tooth enamel. Continue »

More Egg Recipes for Summer




My husband is crazy for egg salad so I make it often. I always use an egg slicer, cutting the egg once lengthwise, then rotating the sliced egg and cutting it again to make a perfect dice. This gets mixed with mayonnaise, a little Dijon, minced radishes, celery, green onion and a sprinkling of parsley or dill. Continue »