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Strawberry Salads Forever

Strawberries, Haloumi and Basil via Intuitive Food Design

If you look up “strawberry salad” countless options will pop up – not all of them great. Trisha Yearwood‘s version on the Food Network site calls for crushed ramen noodles and a 3/4 cup of sugar in the vinaigrette. It’s enough to make you weep. But don’t lose hope, because we did the heavy lifting and rounded up the most delectable strawberry salad recipes out there. Continue »

Strawberry Social


The summer has casually strolled into July without much fuss and has come bearing gifts. Strawberry season, the most eagerly anticipated few weeks of summer is upon us, and with it, the perfect opportunity to overindulge in all things strawberry. It is true that  we have access to imported strawberries year round, trucked in from California and Mexico, but these offerings literally pale in comparison to the ephemeral beauty, fragrance and luscious taste of ripe picked local fruit. And now is the time to freeze down a bunch of local strawberries to use for smoothies, milkshakes and ice-cream in the fall and winter.

This is the perfect time of year to plan a strawberry social. That old Victorian tradition that allowed for the showing off of new summer hats and crisp linen suits can be made informal and fun and just bring a bunch of friends and family together to enjoy best strawberries Ontario has to offer. Continue »