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The Condiment Aisle – Relish


Was ever a condiment so appropriately named? In Canada you are most likely to see relish right alongside mustard and ketchup as one of the three favourite toppings for a hamburger or hot dog. Not so in the States, where relish is a little harder to find at fast food joints, and requesting it might elicit confused looks similar to the ones you get when asking for mayonnaise or white vinegar for your French fries. In many States you are likely to get pickles on your burger or hot dog, but here in Canada, we like our pickles minced up. Continue »

Pour Some Organic Free Trade Sugar On Me

Is this the best song of all time? Probably. It is one of those tunes that you will be rocking to every time you waltz up to your neighbour’s front door asking to borrow a cup of the stuff.

Most of us use “the white death” every day without giving a second thought to where it comes from. That bag of  brand X  granulated sugar on your shelf, what do you know about it? Is it beet sugar from Canada or cane sugar from south of the equator? Today we have a brief look at some of the options available for your consideration. Continue »