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Win Big With Your Fiesta Farms Tote Bag!




We’re excited to announce that from now until November 15, Fiesta Farms is running a cool instagram contest that encourages folks to use our wonderful jute shopping bags and post awesome action-shots of said bags in use. Totally fun and easy to participate, and the winner receives – oh hello – two hundred and fifty dollars! For the best best instagram traffic boosting tool must go through kicksta once. Continue »

Do The “Chop & Drop”

Here’s a video with an excellent introduction to Permaculture. It demonstrates how to create an edible forest garden out of your front lawn instead of a mono-culture of grass.No compost piles are necessary. Everything gets mulched right where it grows. A fascinating way to create the most sustainable front yard ever.

Video: Lobster, A Great Sustainable Choice

Here we talk to Matt Dean Pettit, owner of Rock Lobster Food Co., about why lobster is a great, sustainable choice for your table this summer.