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Vegan Butternut Brownies




Taking a stroll through the Fiesta Farms Garden Centre the other day and looking at the beautiful displays of so many varieties of pumpkins and squash reminded me that it’s been two years since the publication of The Everyday Squash Cook, and with that came a deep hankering for one of the most requested recipes from it, Butternut Brownies. Truth be told, my husband and I make these brownies quite often, for ourselves and friends and families who don’t really have the time to make them, and recently we have been making batches of vegan brownies as well for our vegan friends. Continue »

Two Perfect Squash Recipes for Thanksgiving



Have you finalized your Thanksgiving menu yet? We think that along with the turkey, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, at least one squash dish should adorn every Thanksgiving table. Whether prepared in a salad, soup, or as a show-stopping main course, squash is not only a delicious and beautiful addition to your dinner, it is one of nature’s ultimate superfoods, so indulging in it means you are getting a lot of a good thing. Continue »

Winter Salads


roast acorn squash with dates and pecans over curly endive

roast acorn squash with dates and pecans over curly endive



Comfort food is pretty much all anybody wants right now, it’s the best way to stave off the cold. But don’t forget – you need to eat your veggies! You can’t just live on pot roast, mac & cheese and tuna casserole all winter. Although that would be nice, you don’t need a case of scurvy on your hands. Now it’s time to take a break from the meat and the carbs and look into some hearty and healthy winter salads. Continue »

The Great Pumpkin Recipe



With Halloween lurking right around the corner like a kid in a goblin costume, we thought it was time to turn our attention to the great pumpkin. A member of the squash family, cucurbita pepo is native to North America and has been cultivated here for thousands of years, with sees found in archaeological digs in Mexico dating as far back as seven thousand years B.C. Nowadays we tend to regulate the pumpkin to the front porch as a decoration, or in pie form around the holidays. Why not change all that and start incorporating pumpkin into your regular recipe repertoire? Starting with something totally delicious and unexpected – popsicles!  Continue »

Squash Is Amazing

Our Bacon-Wrapped Butternut Squash Stuffed with Kale & Blue Cheese on Canada AM

Our Bacon-Wrapped Butternut Squash Stuffed with Kale & Blue Cheese on Canada AM


Did you know what a powerhouse of nutrition your everyday average squash, pumpkin or zucchini is? In my new book, The Everyday Squash Cook, we delve deep into the world of squash and turn up some surprising information about this humble fall fruit. It is the most versatile and affordable superfood, it is also the most effortless to turn into something delicious. Continue »