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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut



Unless you have a nut allergy , you should probably be eating more of them. Dieticians and nutritionists everywhere are almost unanimous in extolling the virtues of the Mediterranean Diet, promoting fruits, vegetables, legumes and pulses (like beans and lentils) whole grains and nuts, suggesting that these foods should be a regular part of your everyday diet, while limiting amounts of dairy and meat.

Many of us do go out of our way to ensure that we get enough fruit and vegetables in our quotidian meal plan, and foods high in whole grains are a relatively easy sell and buy- you can even drink your whole grains !

But we often overlook nuts when it comes to adding this delicious, readily available source of unsaturated fats,  protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and fibre to our diet.

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Is Pasta Evil?

pasta shapes


I recently got an email from Barilla that included some summery pasta recipes created by their nutritionist Andrea Holwegner. I’ve been avoiding pasta lately and it seems like everyone I know is as well. I haven’t been avoiding it for any factual reasons though, just this sort of rumour cloud that if I eat a single noodle I’ll become obese. I decided to interview Holwegner and get some straight facts from a nutritionist about pasta. Admittedly, she’s in the employ of a pasta maker, but Barilla is the number one store bought pasta in Italy and pasta has been around for a long long time, so let’s give her a chance and see what she has to say. Continue »