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How To Make Room For Indoor Plants

Houseplants tucked indoors for the winter

Houseplants tucked indoors for the winter, on a sunny table.

Hey, plantaholics, it’s the winter-time crunch again. Hard frosts are on the horizon and you have to haul your (possibly vast) collection of houseplants indoors for the winter. In my case, being a bit of a plantaholic, my plant pile always seems to multiply over the summer. Between taking cuttings, buying new specimens, and potting-up into larger containers, there’s always more at the end of the season than at the beginning. Sadly the indoor space doesn’t magically get bigger at the end to make room for all these new recruits. What to do?

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More Egg Recipes for Summer




My husband is crazy for egg salad so I make it often. I always use an egg slicer, cutting the egg once lengthwise, then rotating the sliced egg and cutting it again to make a perfect dice. This gets mixed with mayonnaise, a little Dijon, minced radishes, celery, green onion and a sprinkling of parsley or dill. Continue »

Kids In The Kitchen With Maia Filar – Picky Eaters

Maia Filar is passionate about giving kids a proper foundation in culinary skills. In this, her second video in a series she addresses the picky eaters we all have to deal with at one time or another. Her suggestions may help banish picky eating from your family table for good.


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