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Let’s Talk Toothpaste

I recently came back from a visit with a friend who has always been a sort of hippie, so it was no surprise to see a tube of “Tom’s of Maine” all natural toothpaste in her bathroom, next to the deodorant crystal and neti pot.

Being brought up on Crest and Colgate, with the occasional foray into Madison Avenue exotics such as Pear Drops Tooth-polish, and Close-up, it reminded me that when it comes to toothpaste, it seems to be as much about culture and politics as it is about taste.

That is, until I learned from a reader of this blog post that Colgate owns Tom’s of Maine, he wrote, “In 2006, Colgate-Palmolive acquired Tom’s of Maine and promptly changed it’s longstanding recipe. I had used Tom’s toothpaste for over 20 years and then one day it suddenly tasted like typical corporately produced toothpaste.”

I went to the Colgate website and saw that they don’t list Tom’s under their toothpastes. That makes sense right? Why would the big corporation want the Tom’s demographic, who are probably not keen on big corporations, to know that their toothpaste is not made by a band of hippies in Portland but in a factory owned by the corporation that also makes Bubble Fruit Toothpaste for kids?

So, let me say thank you to this reader for pointing out that information. Now, back to this thrilling blog post about toothpaste!

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