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Toronto Fallidays: Shichi-Go-San




In keeping with our series celebrating the diversity of Toronto’s cultural make-up, Toronto “Fallidays” today we are looking at a traditional Japanese celebration that will be going on around our city on Tuesday November 15. This is a big day for children of Japanese descent; Shichi-Go-San, the traditional rite-of-passage festival that celebrates the growth and well-being of children literally means, Seven-Five-Three, and the festival is often called that in English. Three and five year old boys and three and seven year old girls are celebrated during the festival, and prayers and well-wishes are bestowed upon the little ones, wishing them long life and a healthy and happy future. It is celebrated on the fifteenth because 3+5+7=15. Continue »

Toronto “Fallidays”




Recently Toronto was named “The most diverse city in the world” by BBC Radio. Over half of Toronto residents were born outside of Canada and a whopping two hundred and thirty different nationalities now make up our city’s population. This makes our city one of the most exciting places to live, anywhere! And with the fall season upon us, and winter just around the corner, many of us are gearing up for festivals and celebrations that add history and culture to our national and civic fabric. Continue »