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Pantry and Palate: An Acadian Cookbook

by Kerry Knight




Perusing the pages of Simon Thibault’s first cookbook, Pantry and Palate- Remembering and Rediscovering Acadian Food  is very much like leafing through a history text. A delicious, mouthwatering text to be sure, and one that serves as a reminder of not only our amazing past, but is in itself a lively, relevant book of useful and tempting recipes. It is history come alive, ready to be cooked with love and care and eaten with relish. Or at least chutney, maybe rhubarb chutney.

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Back To School For Everyone



The kids have gone back to school so maybe it’s time we all did the same. Have you always wanted to learn how to make tourtière – that delicious French Canadian meat pie – now’s your chance to take a class from food writer, French Canadian and former Stratford Chef’s School instructor Deborah Reid.
Or what about wild mushrooms? We sell a gorgeous selection of them in the store but maybe you’re not sure how to cook them at home. Continue »

The Secret Ingredient For Your Next Tourtière

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Meat pies are all the rage these days; Jamaican meat patties are sold in just about every corner store in the city core, and franchises of Australian meat pies are popping up all over the place. But Canada has it’s own famous meat pie, and no discussion of distinctly Canadian foods would be complete without a mention of tourtière, the classic French Canadian pork pie that has been synonymous with comfort food for generations. Recently we discovered a secret ingredient that will make all your future tourtières the best you’ve ever had.


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Grand Maman Claire


Kristina Groeger is a food writer and photographer when she’s not working in the pastry department at the Ritz-Carlton. She’s prolific on Twitter and Posterous and maintains a funny food blog called Put a Fork In It. We’re running this piece she wrote, about her boyfriend’s French-Canadian grandmother, in the lead up Mother’s Day and the launch of the newest Apron Strings videos. Enjoy.

painting of Grand Maman Claire by the author




by Kristina Groeger

On a raw, chapped, Canadian Wednesday morning we gather our things in the dark for a three day trip to Montreal from Toronto via our 15 year old Volkswagen Jetta.  I use the orange light of the street because I’m sure my pupils would burst with the thought turning on a light switch.  Half asleep dreams of proper beer on winter patios (cheering for a -real- hockey team) kept me going before I got that first crappy burnt Tim’s coffee in me. Continue »