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We Love Lentils



Lentils are grain legumes, also known as “pulses,”- legumes such as beans and peas that are grown in a pod and cultivated and harvested for animal or human consumption. Lentils have been part of the human diet for thirteen thousand years and are still going strong, grown worldwide, with almost 4 million metric tonnes produced in 2009. Did you know that Canada is the world’s #1 producer/exporter of lentils? Well, we are. Saskatchewan, our nation’s bread-basket, is also big on gluten free grains; it is one of the world’s lentil hot spots, producing 1.5 million metric tons in 2012. Continue »

New Cookbooks – “Lynn Crawford’s Pitchin’ In”

Based on the hit Food Network show of the same name, Lynn Crawford dedicates her first book to the farmers, growers, fishermen and ranchers she met during “the road trip of a lifetime”. This lovely, heartfelt collection of over one hundred recipes documents the adventures Chef Lynn experienced and the dinners she prepared for her hosts. It is a great read for anyone who is interested in establishing connections with their food and understanding the relationships between its provenance and its preparation. Continue »