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Fall Glory: Japanese Maple

Glowing fall colour of Japanese Maple.

Glowing fall colour of Japanese Maple.

When I named this photo I almost wrote “Japanese Maple in Bloom”, as that’s what the fiery red leaves seem to be: fiery flowers. A Japanese maple in the fall truly appears to be a tree in full bloom. Every garden should have a specimen if you have the room. The bronze coloured leaves are great all season but when the leaves turn red in fall they are spectacular, and the intense red leaf colour tends to last a long time. Sun shining through the leaves is a sight to behold that few other trees can match. We were lucky to have a remarkably warm November this year, when the picture above was taken.

There are a tremendous variety of Japanese Maples, around 700: some are yellow-green, some have interesting bark, and some of the dwarf ones are quite compact, growing only to 8 feet. There are threadleaf, and chunky leaved cultivars. Fall in love with Japanese Maples by checking out this Pinterest page of Japanese Maples. Better Homes and Gardens also has a good slideshow of Japanese Maple varieties here.

Plant an Oak Tree for Biodiversity

If you want to plant a native tree and are wondering which species would benefit wildlife the best, plant an oak. According to wildlife expert Doug Tallamy, the author of “Bringing Nature Home: How You Can Sustain Wildlife With Native Plantsan oak tree offers the best overall benefit to a huge number of wildlife species. Doug is an entymologist who seeks to tell the world about the importance of biodiversity and preserving habitats for all “the little creatures that help us”. He points out that if you kill the insects, you are killing the birds who need to eat those insects.

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Summer Fluff of the Cottonwood Tree

cottonwood seed pods

Cottonwood seed pods explode into a summery fluff.

If you are anywhere near a Cottonwood tree (Populus deltoides, a member of the poplar family) you’ll experience a seasonal event in summer when the seed pods of the female trees ripen and explode, causing fluff to fly everywhere. I caught this one in mid-explosion at the beach on Lake Ontario. You might notice piles of fluff and not know where it came from, as it blows in the wind very easily. The tiny seeds are attached to the fluff, and are spread by the wind or anything the fluff attaches itself to, much like a dandelion seed. If you’re looking for the top Manhattan tree care company, Manhattan Tree Care experts are standing by 24/7 to handle your routine or emergency tree service needs and they serve all of Manhattan. Continue »

The Time To Plant a Tree: As Soon As You Can


Trees like this red maple give you great fall colour, shade, raise property values.

Trees like this red maple give you great fall colour, welcome shade, and raise property values.

They say the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, and the next best time is today. I keep that advice in mind, especially the part about today. There’s no use regretting the unplanted trees of years’ past. It can be easily remedied: Plant one today. Or on the weekend. Or next week. Let’s just say, commit to planting a tree in the near future. And May is a perfect time to do it. (April is good too. And fall. In fact, you can plant a tree anytime, as long as you commit to keeping it watered for the first few months.)
Few things make me happier than seeing the trees I actually did plant over twenty years ago. They tower over me, barely resembling the sprigs I brought home in plastic pots.
Perennials may come and go, but trees last almost forever. At least, longer than most of us will ever see.

A tree changes the neighbourhood it’s planted in for the better, and it also affects your property values. Houses in neighbourhoods with trees are valued higher, and sell faster than those without. A tree on your property directly affects your property value, says Fiesta Gardens customer and local real estate agent, Josée Couture. Trees on your property can increase the value between 6 and 15%. Josée is also a Master Gardener, so she knows about growing things. “Money doesn’t grow on trees, but money grows with trees,” says Josée. Forget that fancy bathtub, a tree may be the better investment. Says Josée, in her latest video:

Did you know that a mature tree can increase your property value? Trees are a necessity for life which is why The City of Toronto has very strict By-laws about removing shade trees. But in addition to all the environmental benefits of having a mature tree, planting a shade tree is one of the best investments you can make to add value to your property.

Even a small tree, or a collection of small trees and shrubs is worth planting, and can make your front garden almost maintenance-free.