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Urban Forest: Meet Ivy-Covered Traffic Pole

traffic pole covered in Boston Ivy

A new kind of urban tree?

This is one way to add more greenery to the urban landscape. When ivy wants to climb, let it climb, even if it wants to climb onto traffic poles and light standards. This one has been carefully trimmed to clearly display the rather lengthy traffic rules it proclaims. This natural vegetative exuberance gives us a little taste of what might happen if people disappeared and nature took over our cities. From Discover Magazine:

We might sometimes wonder what our planet would be like if humans suddenly disappeared. Would the seas again fill with fish? Would our concrete cities crumble to dust from the force of tree roots, water, and weeds? How long would it take for our traces to vanish? And if we could answer such questions, would we be more in awe of the changes we have wrought, or of nature’s resilience?

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