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Our Top Romantic Restaurant Picks For Valentine’s Day

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Have you made plans yet for Valentine’s Day? This is one of the busiest days in the restaurant year and local dining establishments are pulling out all the stops to woo you as you woo you know who. Today we are having a look at six places that are really getting into the spirit of things, offering special menus to make the evening as lovely and romantic as it should be. Make sure you reserve that perfect table for two at your favourite place now. Continue »

Things To Do This Week

February has set in and like a grumpy old relative refusing to leave anytime soon. But there are lots of happenings in and around Toronto in February that should renew your enthusiasm and get you out and about. Here are just a few food related activities that are of interest to us this week, starting with today!


Mediterranean Sea Bass at Auberge du Pommier for Winterlicious

Mediterranean Sea Bass at Auberge du Pommier for Winterlicious

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Nothing Says I Love You Like Chocolate



I’ve been looking for different ways to use chocolate in the kitchen, I want to learn more than just chocolate chip cookies and molten cake recipes. I had heard that some people put bittersweet chocolate in their chili, something I had never tried. Apparently the earthy bitterness goes really well with beef. I’ve since tried it and been amazed at the beautiful depth of flavour it brings to my chili. Now I’m on a mission to find more fantastic recipes for chocolate in savoury preparations. Continue »

Eating Light for Love


What is romantic about a big meal on Valentine’s Day? Don’t you want to feel svelte and slinky, not stuffed and bulging? When did a slab of beef, a lobster tail, some out of season asparagus and a heavy buttery sauce become the traditional dinner of Valentine’s Day? Continue »

Celebrate Ontario Beer for Valentine’s Day

We recently posted an initiative  put forth by the Wine Council of Ontario suggesting a new model for distributing and accessing Ontario wines, and we feel it is only fair to give the beer lovers amongst us equal time. February is a big month for celebrating Ontario Craft Brewers and their winter beers, with the Super Bowl this past Sunday and Valentine’s Day in a couple weeks. Beer and wings for the Super Bowl might seem like a no-brainer, but beer for Valentine’s Day? Why not?
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