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DIY Vegan Ice Cream



A few weeks ago we reported on an amazing ice-cream alternative treat for those of us that are looking for a dairy free or vegan frozen dessert. And while we love the convenience and the delicious “wow-factor”  of Coconut Bliss, we are always on the look out for delicious, healthful and economical ice-cream-like treats we can make at home.  And as it turns out, you can make an amazing and delicious frozen confection simply by freezing bananas and pureeing them.

Because of the high pectin content of bananas, they turn out creamy and soft when pureed in the food processor or blender, almost the exact same texture as soft serve ice-cream, although of course it is dairy free and gluten free and vegan. It can also be organic and fair trade, depending on the bananas you use. Continue »