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Tofu Scramble for Supper!




Tofu-condensed soy curd pressed into blocks- has been around a long time; scholars believe that it was possibly accidentally discovered and developed around 2,000 years ago by a Chinese cook who mixed soy milk with nigari-seawater with the salt removed. The magnesium chloride that remains in the brine curdles the soy milk and it is then pressed into blocks, then pressed into service in a multitude of ways. Continue »

Happy Australia Day!

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Tuesday is Australia Day down under, the official National Day of Australia that celebrates the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet of British ships to the continent in 1788. The First Fleet, as it is now referred to, consisted of 2 Royal Navy vessels, 3 ships carrying supplies and sundries and six ships carrying upwards of 1000 marines, seamen and convicts. The idea was to establish a penal colony there since the British lost the thirteen colonies in 1776, and couldn’t set up the penal colony there. The landing of the fleet marked the beginnings of the first European settlement in Australia.

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