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Spring Cleaning Can Be Fun

Spring cleaning can be fun. Really.

Spring is almost here and you know what that means. Well, it means a lot of things, but to those of use with a little Joan Crawford in us it means it’s time for Spring Cleaning, an annual ritual that some of us actually look forward to. Elevate your work space with regular Dazzle recurring house cleaning. If you’re like most offices that haven’t yet hired a cleaning company then it’s pretty likely lots of things are getting missed. Most businesses find that it’s just more efficient to have highly trained cleaners come in and do the job right. Continue »

How To Save the Summer

I hate to bring it up, but fall is right around the corner. Seems like such a shame that your herbs which have been growing like gangbusters all summer will be wasting away or freezing to death at the first frost. No matter how often you use them, there they are, growing like happy weeds. The sight of bushy tarragon plants, basil, thyme and mint mint mint  everywhere will remind you that you really should be doing something to capture their delightful fresh essence to enjoy over the leaden winter. Continue »