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It’s Time For Watermelon


Have you had watermelon yet this summer? If not, what are you waiting for? Watermelon is incredibly versatile; it can be made into a cooling and refreshing beverage, frozen into popsicles,  mixed with vodka it can form the base of a potent potable,  you can make watermelon wine, or make a savory salad with it by mixing it with basil and blue cheese, you can make pickles out of its rind, you can win bragging rights at the county fair by eating more of it than that kid next to you, and you can even make a cake out of it!  And if you’re Gallagher you can make a living by bashing it to smithereens with a mallet. Comedy Gold!!

One thing you can’t do is have a picnic without it. That’s just not right. Continue »