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Our Proud Producers: CIPM Flours


 CIPM Flour

It used to be that the only selection of milled flours available to consumers in grocery stores was good ol’ All Purpose Flour. There’scCake flour, pastry flour and whole wheat…but they all seem to be treated with additives or come from two or three hugely recognizable brands, and trucked in from who knows where. And let’s face it: lately wheat has been getting a bad rap, with more and more trembling citizens afraid of a slice of bread, thanks to the frankenwheat that now passes for food. Continue »

We Heart Whole Grains – Or the Best Pasta Recipe Ever

We’ve been told countless times that eating whole grains is way better for us than refined wheat products, yet we still buy pasta and bread made with bleached, soulless flour. Why?

We know that white zombie bread and vampiric pasta is bad for us, maybe that’s why we can’t help but love it. It is like eating MacDonald’s and Vachon cakes, two companies that make wonderful use of white flour in their junk food products. In the words of Rachael Ray, former schiller for Dunkin’ Donuts, “Yummo!” Continue »