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Show Some Love for Wheat Germ

At one point in time, not too long ago, the only place you could purchase things like granola, natural peanut butter, stone milled whole wheat flours and local organic produce was in a “health food store”. These stores catered to what was then a slightly alternative crowd, discriminating members of the purchasing public that were tired of canned goods, highly processed foods and convenience based products of dubious provenance and even more questionable nutritional value. These hippies were on the fringes for a time, but thankfully things eventually started to change.




As more consumers became more aware, supermarkets began to stock “health food” and whole, fresh and local foods to meet the growing demand. Nowadays it is common to be able to buy an organically raised free-range hen, some chia seeds and kale chips in the same store where you get your Kraft Dinner and Fruit Loops.  Continue »