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Wild Boar Recipes

they won’t win any beauty pageants but they sure cook up nice

As you know from the video we posted yesterday of my interview with Perth farmers, wild boar are actually wild critters. The farmers who raise them put up fences but they don’t actively farm them. The boars are left to their own devices pretty much all their lives and can forage and dig for as many roots, nuts and berries as they please. Thus the meat of the animal is markedly tastier than regular pork and can be prepared in the same ways you do cuts of pork. Here are a few great recipes I like to use when cooking with wild boar meat. Continue »

Not Your Average Ham

Prosciutto is not your average ham. Dry-cured and served sliced paper thin, prosciutto crudo takes anywhere from 9 months to two years to prepare. This is not a ham that you will be studding with cloves and decorating with pineapple rings and cherries, but an elegant, traditional Italian delicacy that is most often served cold, as antipasto, often with fresh fruit such as melons and cantaloupes, or wrapped around breadsticks (grissini). Continue »

Where the Wild Things Are

The wild boar I recently picked up at Fiesta Farms isn’t actually ‘wild’, that’s just it’s name. The wild boar is related to the common pigs we’re used to but is a much richer meat.

After buying some wild boar bacon and shanks I decided to do a whole day of wild boar meals.

Starting off with a breakfast of thick, meaty bacon, toast and eggs scrambled in brown butter garnished with the last of the chervil from the garden. The most local, organic chervil I could find!

wild boar bacon and eggs

wild boar bacon and eggs with organic, local chervil

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