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The Great Scape


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A scape is a stem or shoot that emerges from the ground, often from the bulb or main stem of the plant. This shoot doesn’t support leaves, but usually just a single flower. And when it comes to wild garlic, the scapes are highly coveted; delicious, tender, pungent and full of flavor, and pretty much a must-have ingredient when they’re in season. Continue »

Don’t Tramp on Ramps

Finally we’re seeing fiddleheads and ramps, these are signs of spring across Ontario.  Ramps, (allium tricoccum ) also known as wild leek or wild garlic only grow wild, meaning many ramp-obsessed foodies are driven to remote and wooded areas to forage for them, scouring the damp forest floor in search of the leafy green perennial.


ramps in the forest



The entire ramp is edible, from the narrow bulb to the scallion-like stem and the broad deep green leaf, but respect and care should be taken when foraging.  In Quebec, ramps are considered a threatened species and are protected under provincial law. Continue »