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Picked up some beer in Quebec and preparing to drive to New Brunswick? Not if the RCMP catches you

Picked up some beer in Quebec and preparing to drive to New Brunswick? Not if the RCMP catches you


Once upon a time all things were legal. Then people prudently decided that perhaps this was not a good thing, so laws were passed to make certain nasty things illegal, to protect individuals and society as a whole, and/or to benefit certain political and or business interests. As societies and their governments changed, and became more (or less) enlightened, the laws they enacted reflected these ideological changes. For example, Prohibition in the U.S. and Canada enacted laws in both countries, catering to special interest groups in the name of protecting society. This “Noble Experiment” did not last long (praise be!). Cooler heads prevailed and prohibition was repealed based on the will of the majority.

Laws like this always seem to be in a state of flux, imperfection and experimentation. The laws concerning  marijuana, for example are a work in progress and are vastly imperfect and confusing. To add to the confusion, some things are legal federally, but still hog-tied provincially: the transportation of beer across borders is now legal federally , but the amounts you can take across provincial borders vary from province to province.

The amendment removes the federal barrier prohibiting individuals from moving beer from one province to another when it is for their personal use. While the federal impediment has been removed, there is no change to the province’s authority to set limits on personal importations of beer.”- CRA

Which brings us to the perplexing case of Gerard Comeau, who, in 2012 was charged with violating New Brunswick’s Liquor Control Act and fined $292.50 Continue »

Food & Wine Comes To Toronto



This just in! The Evergreen Brickworks will be hosting the first ever  Toronto Food & Wine Festival September 18-15 and it is an event you will not want to miss. The three day extravaganza will feature some of Toronto, and Canada’s, most noteworthy talents in the culinary world, showcasing our best restaurants, breweries and wineries. The weekend will include cooking classes, wine and beer tastings hosted by knowledgeable experts and sommeliers and will have you rubbing shoulders with international chefs. Continue »

Beer Can Chicken Is A Lie



A couple weeks ago we interviewed barbecue know-it-all Stephen Perrin for some great tips on how to barbecue like a pro and get the most out of your grill, and with that in mind today we’re looking at one of summer’s most mythic feasts; barbecue beer can-chicken.

For years people have been cooking beer can chicken on their barbecues and claiming that cooking the bird this way keeps it moist, infusing the chicken with beer and flavor. It’s a nice story, but it doesn’t really work that way, as Noelle Carter points out in this article for the L.A. Times. Continue »

An Easier Way To Support The Food Bank



Over 840,000 Canadians – for a variety of reasons- are forced to use Canada’s food banks each month. The route that brought them there may be different, but the reason is the same; they are hungry. According to Food Banks Canada, four million Canadians are “food Insecure” a term to describe those who “did not have access to a sufficient variety or quantity of food due to lack of money.” That’s 10% of Canadians.

Continue »

Our Proud Producers- Cracked Coconut

Here is our interview with Alex Longo, the woman behind Cracked Coconut, a sweet vegan spread that is a brand new addition to our shelves at the store. Alex tells us about how she became a food producer and what products she plans to create next.


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What is your background and how did you end up doing what you do now?

I have been battling Crohn’s disease since I was seventeen years old. In my first year of university, I was hospitalized for nine days from an unforeseen illness caused by my Crohn’s prevention medications that almost lead to death. That was my breaking point; I knew there had to be another way to live my life pain- and symptom-free. I immersed myself in studies related to quality nutrition, packaged food systems and ingredient sourcing as well as reading many cook books and blogs about transitioning to a whole food diet. Continue »