Happy Anniversary Christine Cushing!

“My advice when it comes to choosing oil is this: Pick an oil that you love the flavour of. It’s like wine. Use it how you prefer and store it properly in a cool dark place. Here it’s the opposite of wine as its flavour lessens the longer you keep it. So don’t be storing your favourite bottles for years in the cellar.”-Christine Cushing


an olive grove in Greece

an olive grove in Greece


One of Canada’s favourite chefs and busiest food personalities is celebrating an anniversary this year! It’s been ten years since Christine Cushing introduced her signature extra virgin olive oil and it’s going stronger than ever. She has even introduced a line of frozen desserts that feature her 100% extra virgin olive oil.

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We Are What We Eat – Magnesium

Popeye-Spinach   We all know that we are what we eat, that our bodies are made of elements that are required to build and maintain this mortal coil; 99% of our bodies are composed of just six elements, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium, (made memorable by the acronym CHONPC). Five other elements, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium make up the remaining 1%. Yet all of these elements are our clay, and all are essential for life. Miss out on a few of these and suffer the consequences. And there are other trace elements found in our bodies too, some of which are essential in their given role, like fluorine, which seems to only harden tooth enamel. Continue »

Holla! For Challah



Challah bread is divine. So rich and buttery, delicious as toast, as French toast, as bread pudding, in the supporting role on a meatloaf sandwich. Hannukah is here and that makes me crave challah more than usual. Also, it’s freezing out and my favourite way to heat up the house is to bake a lot of bread. Here are a whole bunch of challah recipes that I love.  Continue »

Get Your Whole Grains – By the Glass



You don’t need to eat a loaf of bread every day just to load up on whole grains. We’ve found an easier way!

We’ve written about alternatives to cow’s milk in the past, and are always excited to try new beverages that reduce reliance on the dairy industry. Substituting cow’s milk for nut milk, or other dairy-free alternative, even for a short period is a good way to partake in a vegan or vegetarian experience while cutting out a few calories as well. Variety is one of the elements that makes one’s diet stimulating, healthy and interesting and it is always fun to mix things up a bit, to try new tastes without sacrificing flavor or compromising nutrition while purchasing items that are ethically sourced, sustainable and good for the environment. It is also a bonus when we are able to source products manufactured in our own country, made with locally grown produce.  Continue »

Bee Day Is Coming



Saturday, February 28 is Bee-Day! On this day, the Toronto Beekeeper’s Co-op  (TBC) will host its annual day-long workshop to educate the bee-curious, exploring the fascinating world of honey bees, wild bees and featuring presentations by wild bee experts as well as urban bee-keeping enthusiasts. Continue »