How To Hide The Ugly Stuff in Your Garden

Wooden lattice screens off garden utility area.

Wooden lattice screens off garden utility area.

The ugly recycling boxes. The air conditioning unit. Those utilitarian items in and around the garden:  the necessary but not pretty things that create visual noise in your garden space. They’re there, sticking out like a sore thumb, detracting from the garden design, and putting a kink in your curb appeal. How to fix it? Camouflage and disguise! Here are some ideas to disguise the messy and to keep the beauty.

screen hides recycling and trash boxes

Keep curb appeal by hiding ugly plastic containers completely from street.

This ingenious planter has a tall lattice screen attached to the back. It’s designed to go against a wall, but placing it at ninety degrees to the wall in front of your trash cans completely hides them. You’d never know the trash and recycling containers were there. The same can be done with an air conditioner. A small section of lattice, positioned in front of the unit,and painted black makes it almost unnoticeable. We all have practical yard items that we can’t do without, but a few clever disguises can make them disappear.

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