Festive Colours of the Season

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree

Scotch Pine Christmas Tree

The main colour is always green, with fragrant evergreen boughs, and the traditional Christmas tree that so many still enjoy and consider a must-have. The tradition of bringing evergreen trees indoors to symbolize the enduring quality of living nature is many years old, ancient, really. Queen Victoria had a lot to do with spreading the German tradition of the Christmas tree to England and North America. And with green, add to that red, in the form of fruits and berries and you have the traditional colour backdrop of the winter holidays and Christmas. But colours don’t have to only come from the time-honoured natural objects of the season. Glittery, man-made decorations can wow your holiday space just as well, with sparkle and colour. Some have their own kind of elegance, as in the simple man-made wreath below.

Red Wreath

Red and silver sparkly wreaths

More and more, designers are adding fruits to their arrangements, giving a rich pop of colour and natural form. You can pierce actual fruits like pomegranates with sharp sticks or even bamboo skewers to attach them to your arrangement. The leathery skin of pomegranates will last quite a while in an arrangement. Otherwise, artificial fruits are getting more lifelike and can last and be reused for many years.

Grapevine Sphere

Grapevine Sphere

Sometimes the simplest wreath is a classic one: a mix of evergreens and pinecones. What could be nicer than the subtle waft of evergreen fragrance at nose height at your front door?


Mix of fir, cedar and pinecones in this well-packed wreath.

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