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In this digital age, getting a personal letter or greeting card in the mail is a rare thing, and when we do find a real card in the mailbox it is pretty exciting! Picking out the perfect card to send is half the fun, and the good folks behind Gift a Green have made greeting cards more fun than ever, both to send and receive.




Gift a Green  is a Vancouver-based start-up launched in 2016 by co-founder and president Bryan Kinney that is essentially a greeting card company that specializes in edible greeting cards that you can grow; in this case, you grow microgreens. Gift a Green has partnered with Mumms Sprouting Seeds  based in Saskatchewan, who have been selling organic, non-GMO sprouting seeds for over thirty years.


for all occasions

for all occasions


The concept was developed around the idea of connecting people through an engaging and interactive experience. We truly believe that in a world of digital communications real-life interactions still matter. We hope you believe that too. –Gift a Green

Basically the slim package is the card itself; you get to pick out the package/card appropriate to the occasion, and you can decorate it however you wish, and personalize it with your own greeting. Then just address, apply appropriate postage it and drop it in the mailbox. Or you can also get Gift a Green to do the mailing for you.

just add water!

just add water!


Gift a Green offers eight different kinds of organic microgreen seeds that come with either peat moss or coconut coir  as a growing medium. When the recipient gets it, they open it up and water it as directed. No need to transplant anything, the package acts as the pot. In about 10-14 days, voila! A mini- garden of microgreens that will keep on giving. Here’s how it works. 

This is a great and thoughtful little gift, much more than a card, and no green thumb is required. Best of all, you can send and grow these little beauties all year round. For the tea aficionados, Gift a Green also offers Gift a Tea,  partnering up with Toronto-based Tealish Fine Teas to offer eight different kinds of loose leaf tea.


Sakura Sunrise Tea for Mothers Day

Sakura Sunrise Tea for Mothers Day


Gift a Green is more than just a successful business, their business ethic is characterized by environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices, and partnerships with local, Canadian and North American suppliers. Hallmark doesn’t need your money; if you’re going to go old-school and send a greeting card in the mail, do it with style; Gift a Green is a super sweet way to go.


Don't forget Rover!

Don’t forget Rover!

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