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We are always thrilled to have guests blog on the site; they bring fresh ideas and perspectives, they help to keep us all up to date on the many exciting activities relevant to our community, and introduce us to the people that keep our city connected and moving forward in a positive way. Through story-telling, news sharing and the exchange of information, our guests offer us a chance to learn, explore, and meet new friends.

As we have just celebrated Father’s Day, this month we are focusing on Dads and how they’ve enriched our lives. Our guest contributors this week/month are a typical cross-section of our community, and share the experiences they have had with their Dads that have nourished both body and soul:

Todd Minerson, executive Director of White Ribbon- the world’s largest movement of men and boys to end violence against women and girls- starts us of with a lovely short piece detailing how having men involved in the cooking process at home can go a long way to affecting change in stubborn stereotypical conventions of masculinity. And he gives us a delicious recipe for veal picatta to boot!


-Author and illustrator Claudia Davila shares stories of her dad Patrick, his travels from Chile, to Montreal, to Toronto, and how his joie de vivre and love of good tapas and jazz have been a constant.




Toronto based filmmaker Jonathan Hayes tells how he and his daughter Charlotte, inspired by their favourite trattoria in Yorkville, make an Eggplant Parmigiano sandwich that rivals anything you’re likely to get in the city. The secret, it seems, is to keep it simple. And to have a good helper!


Ruth Silver’s Dad has just turned 84, and he still works 3 days a week, plays guitar and works out daily. His secret? Raw fruits and vegetables, traditional Sephardic foods, and an unlikely and surprising little something else! If you’ve ever heard the words, “It’s fine, just scrape it off”, you’ll know what we’re talking about!




-Renaissance family man Chris Grady is the creator and artist of Lunarbaboon, an elementary school teacher and makes a mean mashed potato monster. Seriously, what is more fun to eat than a mashed-potato monster?


-There are those who can cook, and those whose talents lie in other areas. Meredith Hayes is the Student Nutrition and School Program Senior Manager at Foodshare Toronto, and tells how her dad Tom compensated for his lack of culinary prowess by following a charming, lovely and profound three-step recipe for “The way to Live.”

We hope these inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen with your dad or grandfather, and if these aren’t enough then check out the Apron Strings videos. Go here for more details on how you could win a $100 gift certificate to the store!

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