Our Proud Producers: Devil’s Rock Creamy Blue Cheese



The tiny hamlet of Thornloe, Ontario, population – one hundred and twenty three in 2011, produces some of the best cheese you will ever have. Since 1940, when the company was started by Rene Laframboise, Thornloe has been crafting award-winning cheeses. Devil’s Rock Creamy Blue is one of the stars, visually stunning in its black wax jacket and unique in taste and texture.

The story of Thornloe cheese is a unique one; although it has had a number of owners throughout the years, including the Italian giant Parmalat, it is now 100% owned by Canadian farmers who are concerned with maintaining the quality and traditional methods of cheesemaking that made Thornloe so special.


“Devil’s Rock Creamy Blue Cheese is as unique as its namesake the famous granite escarpment that juts 300 feat up, in dramatic, sharp angles, from the deep water of Lake Temiskaming. The cheese’s uniqueness comes from adding cream to the milk, hand filling the forms and allowing the curd to drain by gravity not by press, ensuring that the cream and natural sugars stay in the curds. The cheese is lightly speared and cured for two weeks which allows the blue mold to develop on both the exterior and veins inside the cheese. For Devil’s Rock, less spearing results in less veining and a tamer blue cheese. The cheese is then dipped in food grade black wax and aged for another two weeks.

When serving Devil’s Rock it is best to cut from centre to side creating portions like an an orange. Or, if you plan to enjoy it over several occasions cut horizontal slices across the block and cover the open top with foil or plastic wrap.

Devil’s Rock, the geographical marker, may have about 2,200 million years seniority over Devil’s Rock, the creamy blue cheese, but both are natural, treasured wonders of Northern Ontario.”


Like the copy says, this is a mild blue cheese and is perfect for people who might not be keen on blues. It’s a good starter cheese to train your palate on. We’ve used it in a homemade blue cheese ranch dressing, tossed in an apple and fennel salad with pecans and served it on a cheese board with fresh cherries, figs and a sparkling rosé. If you’re into creamy cheeses this is one of the creamiest I’ve had in a long time. Pick some up next time you’re in the store and let us know what you think in the comments.

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