Our Proud Producers: Dr.Bonner’s Magic Soap



Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are the number one selling brand of natural bar and liquid soaps in the U.S., certified fair trade and organic. The popularity of these products grew naturally and organically, as it were, through word of mouth, taking a few generations to spread from its humble beginnings, to hippie counter-culture to achieving mainstream success; from the road not travelled to life in the fast lane.

The Dr Bronner story is truly unique. Born Emanuel Heinbronner in 1908 in Heilbron, Germany to a family of soapmakers, much has been written about him,  from articles in journals to literary dissertations, and there is even a film produced  in 2006 documenting his extraordinary life.


Dr Bronner film


He emigrated from Nazi Germany in the 20’s, his parents  perished in the Holocoaust, and his life in the United States was characterized by a profound humanistic altruism and peace-loving philosophy, a moral code based on Judeo-Christian tenets,  the poetry of Rudyard Kipling and respect for “Spaceship Earth” and all its creatures. Dr Bronner formed his own “Moral ABC’s” and his guidelines for living a good life. This philosophy adorns the now famous and  idiosyncratic labels of all of his products.




Though Emanuel Bronner died in 1997, his company is doing gangbusters and in addition to his iconic pure Castille soaps, the list of organic, fair trade and natural products they now produce includes baby and sensitive skin care products, hair conditioners, shaving gels, lip balms, household cleaners, hemp (naturally!) T-shirts, books and DVDs and even snacks. At the forefront of environmental and social activism, Dr Bronner products are continually striving to literally and figuratively clean up this planet, one Magic Bus at a time.


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