Our Proud Producers: The Georgian Bay Granola Company

Granola, the classic, oat and grain breakfast food has been with us since the 19th century and is still going strong. This hearty, crunchy has been a favourite for years, and is still often and affectionately associated with the “Health Food” movement espoused by the Hippie generation, who made granola a household name in the sixties and seventies. Even the term “granola” was used as an adjective for a while to describe anything that smacked of Flower Power; “Your Holly Hobbie dirndl is so granola!”




Granola will never really go out of style, it is a classic. Really the only way you can mess it up is by overdoing it in the sweetening department. Many mass produced versions are sickeningly sweet. As with most products, read the label. If sugar or brown sugar or corn syrup etc etc are near the top of the ingredient list, you might as well give your family a bowl of Smarties. In searching for a simple, healthy, unsweetened granola I’ve been disappointed time and time again but I’m happy to say that the search is finally over. The Georgian Bay Granola Company (GBGC) makes the best granola, short of homemade, that I can find.

Sheila Hannon started GBGC in a small summer market in Parry Sound Ontario in July of 2012, and her granola is now sold in over fifty stores and markets throughout the province.The secret to her success? Keep it simple. (Note: simple is not easy!) GBCC makes only two kinds of granola, SUGAR BUSH MAPLE (organic oats, organic pumpkin seeds, organic pecans, organic coconut, organic flax seed, organic sunflower seed oil, Ontario maple syrup, organic cranberries infused with organic apple juice) and HONEY BEE CRUNCH (organic oats, organic almonds, organic sunflower seeds, organic brown sesame seeds, organic raisins, Ontario honey, organic sunflower seed oil).

With only Ontario maple syrup or Ontario honey used to add the smallest hint of sweetness, there are only 8 g, of “sugars” per 50 g serving. Did you notice that all the ingredients are organic? Organic granola. Double whammy. Privately owned, artisanal, small batch, local, organic, delicious….we’re gonna run out of whammies at this rate!  Since there are no added preservatives, each 500g bag comes with a recommended “best before” date. For optimum freshness Sheila recommends that it be stored in a cool dry place, or maybe put in a mason jar in the fridge.

Even if you are not a rabid fan of granola, you should give this lovely little product a try. Or use it instead of plain oats the next time you make an apple crisp, or blueberry crumble, or oatmeal cookies. It may just change the way you feel about Woodstock.

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