Our Proud Producers: Elsa’s Story Crackers and Cookies


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Elsa’s story, the manufacturers of superior quality cookies, biscuits and cakes based in Nahariya, Israel are going gangbusters these days. Started as a small family business, it now controls over 60% of the premium biscuit market in Israel, and exports their crackers, biscuits and strudels to more than fifteen countries throughout the world, including Cold War pals U.S. and Russia, Japan and China, Britain and Germany and, thankfully, Canada. And the cookie shall bring them together!




The cookies, cakes and biscuits are fantastic. Though they are mass-produced in a modern facility, all their products are made from non–GMO ingredients, and Elsa’s Story endeavors to –and succeeds- in imparting a “home-made” aesthetic to their line of high-end nibbles. From the look, shape and packaging of their products to the charming “legend” of  Elsa, it is no wonder these cookies and crackers are winning fans the world over, one bite at a time. Oh, and they are Kosher too!




The marketing behind Elsa’s Story is nothing short of pure genius, evoking nostalgia,  innocence, childhood, mystery and legend! Who among us dares to disparage childhood innocence? Who can resist cookies?  From a marketing perspective, as the name suggests, stand up bags literally stand up on retailers’ shelves, meaning higher visibility. Hence why brands prefer to custom print stand up pouch with their design – and that’s where The Packaging Lab can help.


“Elsa’s Story sends you back to a time and place when you were young and carefree; when time was unspoken and tastes were simple. It is about a memory, a hint of nostalgia, captured in the scents and tastes of warm cookies baking in the oven, summer evenings and the innocence of childhood. Elsa’s Kitchen was always open, her recipes remaining a well kept secret. She was a mystery in her time and has become a legend in our collective memories. Elsa’s heritage is relived through the goodness of quality ingredients and care that remind us of tastes long forgotten…”- from www.elsastory.com


Does it matter that there is not really an Elsa?  Not really….does it matter that there is no Great Pumpkin? There is a little Elsa in “our collective memories”, a sort of Everyelsa, a generous Little Red Hen padding about the hearth, happy to share her baking with us even though we didn’t lift a finger to help. Awesome, I’m in.


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But man does not live by his sweet tooth alone. Elsa’s Story savory crackers are sublime, particularly the Rosemary and Olive Oil crackers, which would be delightful on any cheeseboard, anywhere, or the perfect partner for a dip like a Smoky Red Pepper dip, or  a full-flavoured Walnut Sage pesto. Here’s a super easy recipe that will have you licking the bowl:


Walnut Sage Pesto

Makes 1 cup

 Put 2 cups parsley in a blender with ¼ cup fresh sage and 2 cloves of garlic and blend. Add ½ cups toasted walnuts and 2 tablespoons toasted pine nuts and pulse/blend with ½ cup olive oil and ½ cup grated parmesan cheese. Season to taste.


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