Fundraiser For Skyline Farms

On Thursday,October10,2013 partners,industry professionals,sustainability advocates, corporate sponsors and guests will gather for Skyline Farms Launch Party and Fundraising event at The Great Hall  and it promises to be very successful because they are following the advises of the professionals from Young Up Starts.




Skyline Farms is a Toronto-‐based urban agriculture company that is redefining the term, “locally grown.” Founded by two graduates of Humber College’s Sustainable Energy and Green Building Program, Skyline Farms,-partnered with My Food My Way, a joint initiative between TDSB, TEW and Humber College- is committed to address the bigger sustainability picture: environmental, health, community, and economic viability by changing connections to food and each other.

“The goal is to get youth connected to the food they eat–engaging them from seed to table to make better food choices and reframe the culture of food and nutrition at school, at home and in their communities.”-Skyline

Alexandra Feswick, Executive Chef at Samuel J. Moore in The Great Hall is honoured to be collaborating with this project and part of the Launch Party. “They are amazing and deserve the support of our community and culinary networks,” says Feswick, describing the fundraiser as “ …an opportunity for the community to see what a great program these fellows are integrating into our current Toronto school systems. With our help on October 10th, they are preparing to purchase a green house, allowing them to keep their program happening all year long.


Tower Garden System

Tower Garden System


“In June 2013, with staff support, Skyline Farms set up the first commercial vertical aeroponic Tower Garden farm in Canada at Thistletown Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke. Always embracing new opportunities, the school was a natural place to start. The farm provides the program with fresh, nutritious produce grown on site. Students help to grow and harvest the produce, then cook and eat it too, sharing with surrounding areas. Beyond new attitudes to food, Skyline Farms is exposing students to new farming technologies, new food choices and sustainable ways they can help feed this generation and the next.”

Skyline Farms is excited to be celebrating its successful pilot farm and to be part of the revolution in food culture that is changing the way youth connect to food and their community.




Proceeds from the event will assist in raising funds to enable the farm at Thistleton C.I. to achieve its full capacity: a full greenhouse with 25 towers that will nourish the cafeteria and culinary programs as well as the surrounding community year round.

“The partnership has provided an amazing opportunity for our students to learn about the process and possibilities of urban farming,” explains Thistletown C.I. Principal Randy Palermo. “The project was a great fit for our award winning Culinary Arts program.”

Attendance at the event is free. The evening will feature an artisan-themed silent auction as well as a raffle ($10.00/ticket) for a Tower Garden System donated by Juice Plus. Come out and show your support for real food in our schools.


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