Ornamental Grass: Texture & Frills

miscanthus grass

Miscanthus sinensis seed heads forming soft curls in November.

One of the best ornamental grasses is the large, graceful Miscanthus, whose foliage and textured flower heads changes throughout the growing season. In mid summer, the flower heads flopped from side to side in the wind, like heavy straight hair.

Right now, in late fall, I am loving the way the flower heads are turning into wild, puffy curls, reminding me of a child’s finger painting. I think the variety here may be ‘Silberfeder’, or Silver Feather. In winter, miscanthus grasses really grace the garden, with their warm yellow colour, and statuesque forms covered with snow.

This Miscanthus grass planting grows all along a very long fence in my Toronto neighbourhood, in a truly low-maintenance planting. If you have a large space to fill, and want low-maintenance, all-season interest,  try planting Miscanthus sinensus.

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