Hot Chocolate You Can Feel Good About

It’s true that fair-trade and organic, non GMO products are most often a little more expensive than the big name brands, and paying a few cents per item more may go against the grain of die-hard bargain hunters, but  factor in the reality that those few cents from each of us add up to more than the eye can see. And it’s not a huge ordeal to buy fair trade; even items as common place as cocoa have a huge impact on the quality of life for workers abroad as well as local businesses. Take Camino Fair trade and organic hot chocolate for example.




“Camino is owned by La Siembra Co-operative in the Ottawa-Gatineau region of Canada. La siembra means “sowing” or “planting time” in Spanish, a symbol for the seeds of change we are sowing through our co-operative and fair trade business models.

 La Siembra was established in 1999 by three young entrepreneurs. Having worked overseas, the founders of La Siembra experienced the exploitative nature of trade on the lives of family farmers. These three friends decided to provide Canadian consumers with an alternative to conventionally traded products by establishing a worker-owned co- operative.

Hot chocolate may be the best thing about winter weather, and now that the mercury is starting to make a nosedive, you will want to make sure your larder is stocked with plenty of cocoa.  Why not stock this Canadian owned company next time you’re in the store?

It is fair-trade, certified organic and Kosher. Even the milk products used in the Milk Hot Chocolate are organic.  In small ways, through small purchases and informed choices, we can make a difference in the world, at home and abroad, one delicious sip at a time.




Now that you know this hot chocolate is one you can feel good about purchasing it’s time to jazz it up. Plain old cocoa in a mug is boring. Mini marshmallows are fun and cute but also full of preservatives and dyes. Why not make your own marshmallows at home? It’s super easy, just make them once and you’ll be hooked. Also, consider the possibilities, you can flavour them any way you like – peppermint, rosewater, cinnamon, orange blossom, mint…
Well? What are you waiting for? Better master your marshmallows before winter blows in.



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